About Us

Our Mission & Purpose

 Our purpose is to transform organizations by helping them clarify and realize their vision, along with leveraging advances in technology by providing out-sourced and managed solutions.
Epiphany Management Group is a fast growing and trusted technology management partner, dedicated to furthering the success, growth, and sustainability of our clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals. As a technology company, mainly servicing K-12 schools, our mission is simple: to provide technology and support for schools, allowing them to better educate young people today, tomorrow and every day. We believe that as we help schools and educators become more technologically savvy, we play a role in improving education in America and, in turn, improving our society’s future.

Our Approach

Epiphany Management Group is not in the technology business, but the customer satisfaction business. Our responsibility does not end at closing tickets, fixing computers, or installing software. Our responsibility is to ensure that the service level we provide exceeds the client's expectations.
The way we approach our business is different from any other provider of similar IT services. We not only measure our ability to close tickets, we measure how we close those tickets and ask for feedback after every ticket we close. We stay accountable to our clients and their needs and transparent with an open line of communication.
Typically, no district or other vendor has this level of information to evaluate and make business decisions. As a company, we are able to evaluate the functionality and flexibility of open source software and freeware solutions like Linux operating systems, Moodle, and much more.
Epiphany is your single source for comprehensive network integration, maintenance, website development, online marketing, facilities, security solutions, comprehensive IT systems support, industry specific virtual services, and so much more. As a single source technology provider, we can customize and streamline support while ensuring timely rollouts. 

A Message From the President

“The corporate team, partners, and associates at Epiphany Management Group have decades of expertise in the K-12 market. Epiphany was started in 2007 with the objective of transforming K-12 education through partnerships with progressive school leaders and industry innovators. We have worked in all areas of managing and improving technology in the classroom. We create collaborative solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Epiphany also has expertise in assisting schools with marketing and branding. We can assist you in driving enrollment, increasing retention and assisting in community support in today's competitive market for students”
-Doug Jones 
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