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K-12 IT Forecast: Clouds as Far as the Eye Can See

Schools are increasingly relying on cloud-based technologies to facilitate remote collaboration and reduce costs.

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Laptop open to YouTube

Tech Giants See Opportunity in Teachers' Increased Use of Online Resources

As teachers turn to online resources to align their lesson plans with Common Core standards, Google-owned video-sharing giant YouTube is angling to become a major player in the education space. More +
Student placing tablet on library shelf

What K-12 Districts Need to Know about Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources represent an exciting, affordable alternative to traditional textbooks, but districts need a clear roadmap in place to implement them effectively. More +
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Most K-12 Schools Have Access to Broadband, But Far Too Few Have Access to Sufficient Bandwidth

K-12 schools have made great strides in increasing connectivity, but the vast majority still don’t have the necessary bandwidth to make everyday digital learning a reality. More +
Parent and student in front of laptop computer

Parents Are Increasingly Comfortable Receiving School Communications over Digital Channels

Communicating with parents via digital channels may be the key to improving student outcomes. More +
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This Election Day, Take a Moment to Learn about Digital Citizenship

Many of us have citizenship on the brain this Election Day, but schools need to be preparing young Americans to be good digital citizens every day of the year. More +
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Facebook's Digital Literacy Library Aims to Help Teachers Prepare Students for 21st Century Success

Facebook’s new Digital Literacy Library offers online safety lessons tailored for classroom use. More +
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4 Ways to Support Better Connectivity in the Classroom

Maximize the ROI of your edtech investments by ensuring that your school’s wireless networks can keep pace with growing bandwidth demand.

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Students wearing virtual reality headsets

3 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing K-12 Education

These three technologies promise to drive real change in K-12 education, but school districts need to ensure their networks are ready for the added strain.

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Understanding the Cybersecurity Risks of the Modern K-12 Classroom

The modern classroom is designed around technology, but left unsecured, these tools may place districts, schools, and students at risk. More +
Teacher helping students using electronic devices

First Steps: How to Prepare Your District for Digital Transformation

School districts across the country are realizing that digital transformation is a key part of driving ongoing success, but many don’t know where to begin.

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Tablet in front of chalkboard

How to Build a Synthesized LMS Solution for Your School

Technology is evolving too fast for decades-old learning management systems to keep up. More +
Kansas Can

Saying Goodbye to Grade Levels in Kansas

Schools across the country are making strides to remake the education system in an unexpected way. More +
Virtual reality headset on child

More Than Reality

Augmented and virtual reality is making its presence known in the education world and we're here for the ride. More +
John Sileo

John Sileo Speaks at the OETC 2018

John fought the battle of a lifetime for his family, his freedom, and his identity.  More +
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