Our Purpose & Background

We aim to transform organizations, schools in particular, by helping them clarify and realize their vision.
Epiphany Management Group is a fast growing, trusted technology management partner for numerous K-12 organizations. We are a multi-division company with Epiphany Technology being our largest and fastest growing. Our innovative management approach, industry expertise, and focus on the K-12 market make us very effective and unique in this market. Students today are learning and living very differently and when combined with an aggressive school choice environment and outdated funding models the need for transformation in the K-12 environment is real and critical. Through technology, we help improve outcomes, collaboration, management, and efficiency.

Career Path

Interns, or Part-time Technical Associates, will be evaluated monthly to gain a mutual understanding with their team about how they are performing in the field.
Technical Associates can renew their contract with Epiphany if they perform well based on their Performance Review. Epiphany fosters an environment to grow and learn and therefore, we want to keep those individuals who reflect the same attitude.
For candidates seeking long-term employment, we offer full-time positions, where applicable. After the Internship Program, our Associate Field Technicians will garnish an understanding of the K-12 educational technology environment positions. This understanding helps develop skills to lead, advance troubleshooting methods, and make an impact on school districts. This gives Associate Field Technicians have the opportunity to become full time Senior Field Technicians. 

After a Senior Field Technician role, there are two potential career paths:
  • Team Lead - Individuals looking to work with school districts to plan, strategize and lead a team of consultants will find this position appealing.
  • Systems Administrator - The highest escalation point for a region and the “core” of our technical teams. Systems Administrators work with consultants to ensure they are learning from each situation and are provided with an escalation path in uncertain situations.

Epiphany is growing rapidly and we are looking for individuals with a variety of skill sets. As our organization grows, Home Office positions open frequently and we look internally for help in those roles.

What's Next?

Check out our available positions and apply for a posting near you! 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact Christian Ballmer, Epiphany's Chief of Staff, at or 614-202-4671.

Christian Ballmer, Chief of Staff

Christian Ballmer started at Epiphany Management Group, more than three years ago, as one of Doug Jones’ first employees in his Portage county internship program, working under Chris Formet. As an organizational communication student at Kent State University, he accepted his first IT position at Epiphany and upon his graduation was offered a full-time position as recruitment and training coordinator at the headquarters in Akron. Christian later became the Director of Managed Services and has recently been promoted to Chief of Staff. Christian’s growth within the company is parallel to his vast communication and team building skills, his reliability as an employee and his passion for quality customer service.
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