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Reaching Your Goals

Many schools have invested heavily in technology but aren’t seeing the desired change in the classroom. If you’re interested in amplifying your technology usage in the classroom, look no further than Epiphany Management. Our Professional Development program can help you achieve your goals and use your latest technology to its fullest potential. Our learning sessions provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with other educators, learn new skills and create modern day and leading-edge lessons for your classroom.

An Epiphany Management Learning Coach will lead your team in face-to-face and online learning opportunities, enhancing your instructional strategies to include the most modern forms of technology, practically.
Epiphany offers three main learning formats:

1. Digital Learning Community
  • Customized, online learning environment
  • Hands on activities and video tutorial
               -Provides direct application to teaching and learning
  • Modular content providing content, learning resources, video, and collaboration

2. Sustained Professional Development
  • Year-long professional development plan
               -One to three-year professional development plan
  • Educators group together to explore ways to better support student learning needs with technology     
              -Cohort teams learn and apply instructional best practices with technology    
               under the guidance of an Epiphany cohort leader

3. Technology Camps (minimum 3 days)
  • Multitude of workshops bringing staff together for team-building, learning experiences
  • Each workshop begins with introductory instructions and concludes with advanced skills

Lealynd Tuskan, Vice President of Client Services

Lealynd Tuskan started at Epiphany Management Group five years ago as the Director of Learning and Integration. She earned her Masters in Education at Cleveland State University. Prior to joining the Epiphany team, she worked as an educator and integration specialist. Her passion for education made her the perfect fit in supporting the learning demands of our students, by providing teachers with the resources and tools necessary to be successful instructors. Since her start at Epiphany, Lealynd has become the Vice President of Client Services, which focusses on the continued education of administrators and staff, along with district leadership and strategic planning. Her growth within the company is directly correlated with her continued dedication, leadership, collaboration and communication skills. Lealynd’s creativity and innovation for learning drives continued, reputable change in the classroom.

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