Data & Applications

Ensuring Efficiency

 While Epiphany is commonly known for managing hardware, such as wiring and installing end-user devices and other physical components for our clients; we also handle a great deal of software. 
Advances in technology make it possible for students to experience personalized learning, but this can only take place if those school systems have well-designed networks with software that remains up to date in the face of rapidly evolving technologies and support the increased demands of student devices.
Our Data and Applications service ensures that the software, required to manage the hardware that we install, works properly and efficiently. This includes any and all applications required to run servers, printers and end-user devices as well as managing data backups, users, and grade books. This software plays a vital role in the functionality of all devices used by our clients and students. 
 Service Includes:
  • Management of Google Apps for Education
  • Active Directory Users and Groups 
  • Food Service Operations 
  • DASL/ Gradebook Management
  • Canvas Management  

Backup as a Service

Epiphany is your source for onsite and remote data backup support. From accounting and alumni information to student records, legal documents, and donor lists; keeping your records safe and secure is our priority. Our technicians can support backups large and small and have full disaster recovery capabilities. Our team will continuously monitor the size of your backup to ensure that you don't exceed your support package, guaranteeing no surprise up-charges.
Service Includes:
  • Installation of physical backup device along with cloud support
  • Immediate call center support
  • Full remote capabilities- no geographical boundaries
  • Capable of backing up what Google cannot
  • Backup sizing assessment
  • Multiple levels of support
  • Support is scalable in size- from single building to entire district
  • Copies of backups to ensure flexibility around restores
  • Swift disaster recovery

Chris Formet, Team Lead

Chris Formet started with Epiphany Management Group in 2010. Prior to joining the Epiphany team, he worked as a retail store manager for 11 years. His previous management position gave him ample experience in customer service, communication and empathy. Chris believes that building a strong social contract with clients is one of the most valuable things we do in this business. As a leader, Chris understands the importance of being a translator of technology and focuses on making sure that clients don’t get lost in our technology jargon. Chris currently works as a Team Lead and is also involved in Epiphany’s Software Support, working as a Gradebook Manager. Chris is passionate about music and art, as he went to school for vocal music education and keyboard performance, but has always had a passion for technology.
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