Customer Service

A Customer Service-focused Epiphany

At Epiphany, customer service and maintaining high customer satisfaction is interwoven into the fabric of every level, type and kind of service we provide.

We work only in education. It is a unique and complex technology environment. In no other industry do clients leave and return at different times throughout the year, and there are many funding challenges and types of initiatives.  By maintaining our focus in education, keeping up with national and regional best practices, taking the time to understand our clients’ unique needs, and having a company-wide passion for transforming schools, we have built long standing relationships with our clients. High quality relationships are the essence of our great customer service. We have many references which we gladly provide to new education clients. We also track our customer satisfaction in a data-driven, real-time manner and provide complete transparency for our clients to see our levels of customer service. We measure customer satisfaction on every task in our IT services and those results are regularly reported on to every client. Find out how our strong relationships with our clients can benefit you. Contact one of our sales consultants to learn more.

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