Partnering with an expert provides the only way to build a variable capacity support team at a fixed cost. From classroom technologies, telephone systems and e-mail solutions to administrative systems, environmental systems and fire/security systems, we have the expertise and experience to seamlessly integrate customized solutions suited to your specific needs. With our comprehensive, long-term support and proven strategies, such as our PSAT model (Plan, Support, Advance and Transform), you’ll save time and money – not to mention the unnecessary frustration of dealing with multiple technology partners.

Epiphany Management Group’s PSAT Model

Epiphany Management Group's PSAT Model


Epiphany Management Group starts by developing a strategic plan with clear and measurable goals. This plan will include lowering your current technology costs while helping you develop into a 21st century learning organization.


Epiphany Management Group offers superior service that focuses on attention to detail. Our personnel have a high level of experience and expertise in the K–12 industry. At EMG, we create, maintain, and support your needs.


Epiphany Management Group, with a customized strategic plan, will be able to serve and advance the needs of your learning organization. This includes understanding which new development projects are critical, their relative priority, and when they need to be implemented.


Transform into a 21st century learning environment with established and clear goals. Transformation begins with EMG’s high level of experience in the K-12 industry, new project implementation, and the ability to measure results.