Epiphany featured as a Dell Customer Success Story at Dell World 2014

Wednesday, December 17th 2014
Olentangy Local Schools Logo

A solution designed & developed by Epiphany Management Group was recently featured at Dell World 2014 for implementation of Dell Digital Signage technology in K-12 Education.

“With less than an hour of training on the Cloud Connect solution, we were able to give all of the creative and local management tasks to non-IT employees.  Nontechnical staff members can create and publish programs with just a few clicks of a mouse.”
      Mike Testa, Epiphany Senior Consultant


The Client:
Olentangy Local Schools, where Epiphany Management Senior Consultant, Mike Testa, serves as Director of Technology, was in need of an enterprise signage solution that was simple to use and cost-efficient.

A complicated and inefficient signage system limited the ability and creativity of students and staff at Olentangy Local Schools. Because of its complex nature, non-technical staff members were dependent on IT staff in order to update or make changes to what was being displayed.

Through the use of Dell Digital Displays and Nanonation software, the district moved to a cloud based solution for their onsite communications, as well as, empowering non-technical staff to create and manage displays for school announcements, video, and more. 

 How Epiphany was able to help:
• We were able to cut Olentangy display signage equipment cost by 75 percent compared to hardware-based solution
• Olentangy students now have an enriched educational experience and can gain real-world workplace skills by using the latest digital signage technology

• Both technical and non-technical staff can create and manage displays

• Olentangy now has a valuable new communication channel, not only for educators, but for all school system departments

Read the complete case study here: