What is Grid Services?

Picture your district as an oak tree; while it may lose branches along the way, its trunk remains strong. Epiphany Management’s Grid Services acts as the trunk to your district's technological needs. Our Grid Services continuously works behind the scenes to create a 24-hour support system, maintaining and monitoring our software and systems within your schools. Essentially, our goal is to minimize vulnerability and downtime of the server, network and overall infrastructure. Our services guarantee you network reliability.

This team supports our field technicians, with real-time monitoring and remote access to all schools and districts, to keep our technicians ahead of the curve. It is essential for any good team to be able to switch between proactive and reactive modes and our Grid Services team does just that.

In the event of a power outage, network failure, power surge or any other type of disturbance, regardless of the time of day, Grid Services will be notified. This allows us to have field technicians on the ground ready to solve the problem before it worsens. Someone is always on the clock working on security updates and checking for alerts. And while we strive to stay proactive in preventing any issues, we are reactive in the case of anything unavoidable. With the proactive work of Grid Services, clients don’t have to wait for technicians to physically walk in the doors to begin solving any issues that may emerge.

A major benefit of having this group-based project management team behind the scenes is the amount of collaboration involved. Not only does it make us quicker, but more efficient. Regardless of the problem, our Grid Services team works together to produce a solution. And if need be, our field technicians can reach out to grid services to keep tickets flowing.
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