Saving INFOhio

INFOhio is an equal access, digital library that is free to Ohio’s 1.9 million PreK-12 students, their parents, and teachers. Its vision of providing each Ohio PreK-12 student with equal access to high-quality digital resources for a successful education and future was recently jeopardized by a lack of funding. However, thanks to Ohio residents for making countless advocacy calls, writing letters, sending emails, holding meetings and making testimonies, the funding was restored. Ohio’s budget bill, HB 49, has officially been signed by Governor Kasich and is in effect as of July 1.

With INFOhio’s digital and mobile learning capabilities, teachers can take free advantage of 1:1 instruction, using advanced mobile tools. This digital library gives students, teachers, and parents access to a multitude of digital resources including digital research databases, videos, images, diagrams, ebooks, practice tests and more. It even comes with a third-grade reading guarantee. BookFix, Early World of Learning and WorldBooks Kids are free tools that provide extra practice for early readers to excel. It doesn’t stop there, however. INFOhio also has college and career readiness prep for those nearing graduation and professional development to help teachers utilize its features.

96% of Ohio’s schools reported that they could not have provided these, 24/7/365, resources without INFOhio and without funding, these schools would have lost access to over 500,000 free digital journals, newspapers, eBooks, images, diagrams, video clips, biographies, fact sheets, reports, literature and more. These shared services save our schools over $50 million annually.

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