Be Internet Awesome

Oftentimes, educators find themselves in deep water as they entertain the topic of internet etiquette. Not only do students receive negative feedback and comments from strangers, but also from their own peers and classmates. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and SnapChat, along with so many other mediums, are leaving students in a very vulnerable place on the internet. The dangers of cyberbullying are almost unavoidable, but they are beginning to be combatted. Teachers are finally gaining the resources they need to teach students how to be responsible digital citizens.

Recently, Google launched its “Be Internet Awesome” campaign, in partnership with iKeepSafe, to help kids be safe and confident explorers of the online world. In order to be safe, kids must understand how to make smart decisions online and recognize the importance of digital citizenship. Google’s Internet “Code of Awesome” includes the following fundamentals: share with care, don’t fall for fake, secure your secrets, it’s cool to be kind and when in doubt, talk it out. Each of these fundamentals comes with a foundation for better teaching and understanding.

There is a multitude of resources for student and teachers, including a downloadable curriculum for educators to teach online safety and responsibility with. These plans include customized classroom activities and have the ISTE Seal of Alignment. There are even resources that children can use individually. A game called Interland gives students the opportunity to have fun and learn how to combat bad behavior on the internet.


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