Adopting an OETC Favorite at the Home Office

Since Epiphany's trip to the Ohio Educational Technology Conference(OETC) in February, new technology has been discovered and adopted in our home office. As our team reviewed all of the latest and greatest in technology at the conference, one of our favorite devices happened to be the ViewSonic, ViewBoard. The ViewBoard is a mobile, large-screen, multi-touch board perfect for education, commercial and scientific purposes. With an Intel Core i5 processor plus Windows 8 OS, the ViewBoard can be quickly transformed into interactive powerhouses with its PC Option Slot. With the capability to write, highlight, magnify, spotlight, edit, screen-record and transform on-screen in real-time with easy-to-use software the ViewBoard creates a perfectly collaborative environment for our home office.

At a quick glance, this board seemed to be the perfect fit for classroom learning and distance education to provide added productivity, collaboration, and efficiency, but we also found it to be a great benefit for collaboration within the workplace. Our team uses the board for interactive presentations, team building, brainstorming and video conferencing. One of our favorite abilities of the ViewBoard is the save option, simply because being able to go back to a whiteboard from last week has increased productivity and collaboration.

The ViewBoard is a perfect fit within the 21st-century classroom. With an extremely user-friendly interface, it can easily be used by educators and students. It has Google Drive cloud capabilities for saving, separate subject modes to change gears with ease, handwriting recognition and support for all major document and media types. The ViewBoard for Education Edition (a simple software add-on) comes equipped with integrated teaching templates to allow educators to create diverse and fun lesson plans for specific subjects. With its flexible and customizable options, educators, students, associates, CEO's and anyone in between can use this board with ease in ways that are completely tailored to their audience. The Epiphany team noted the ViewSonic, ViewBoard as one of their top 10 products at the OETC and recommend this board to those looking for better ways to collaborate and interact in the workplace or inside the classroom.
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