More Than Reality

When we were in school, reality was reality. Virtual and augmented reality were merely a thing of the future. Today, kids are experimenting with altered forms of reality in the classroom every day. Wearables and headsets are becoming the norm in many schools that embrace the ever-changing world of technology. 

Preschool students can even utilize virtual and augmented reality in the classroom. Young children learn exceptionally well through experience, so virtually diving into a real-life experiences can truly benefit young learners. Virtual reality can help to expand their understanding of the world and places they have not yet seen. 

This can be utilized in elementary schools as well. In elementary schools it can go beyond exploration. Students can take what they're learning in the classroom and use virtual reality to gain an even better understanding of the content that you find in a text book. Teaching a lesson on ancient ruins in the classroom can be taken to a whole new level as students virtually drop into the scene of the lesson. 

Even in high schools and higher education, virtual and augmented reality is extremely valuable and oftentimes cost-saving. Being able to virtually explore subjects like geography, anatomy, athletics, construction, cosmetology, culinary arts, mechanics, and much more allows students to learn skills and gain a better understanding of an entire industry. 

Augmented and virtual reality is commonly used for leisure, but is making its way into the world of education and making impactful waves. Here at Epiphany, we use it for leisure when we host gaming nights at our office. However, we're looking forward to helping our clients integrate these technologies into their classrooms. 
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