John Sileo Speaks at the OETC 2018

While attending the 2018 Ohio Educational Technology Conference, the Epiphany team made sure to catch the Wednesday morning Keynote session.  John Sileo, author, cyber security expert, and Hall of Fame speaker, started off the morning with a great presentation and personal story that hit home for not just those in the education technology industry, but all users of technology. 

John, husband, father, and entrepreneur, faced the challenge of a lifetime when his identity was compromised online and close to $300,000 was embezzled from his business clients. Two years of his life were spent in an exhausting effort to stay out of prison and continue to support his young family. This not only took a toll on John financially, but emotionally and physically as well. 

John used his story of struggle and triumph to educate the room on the importance of protecting your data online. It's easier to be breached than you may imagine. John, using the audience as his example, expressed that prior to the show, he walked throughout the conference hall and physically touched more than 30 unattended devices without anyone's knowledge, proving that we're not being as cautious as we should be. From protecting passwords and avoiding unknown links and sites to properly disposing of paper bills and receipts, John guided us along a pathway to better security. 

In a world gone so digital, no one is an exception to these dangers. Companies like ours ensure that your important data is backed up, safe, and secure. And believe it or not, we make it easy on you and your budget. Don't allow yourself to be a victim of cyber crimes. We're here to help.

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